Our Story

Uchi - Share the real you.

It made me feel bad and sad to see a father and his daughter arguing in public. I felt horrible for these two people who obviously loved each other but struggled to show it. Each was yelling and neither was hearing the other. Then it occurred to me, neither the father nor the daughter were saying what was truly on their mind or how they really felt.

So I wondered, how can we make conversations easier? How can we help people share their perspective and be heard by the other; by the important people in their life? How can we help “level the playing field” so everyone is sharing in a similar way?

Then I thought, why not ask a few easy questions just to get the conversation started. We can always dig deeper once there is a foundation of connection. When posed with a question most people will answer it especially if it’s not too intrusive. If it’s done in writing then it gives everyone a chance to slow down, think, find the right words, and express themselves in their time. Plus, it’s usually a lot easier to write about how you feel than to say it. And rarely do we ever say it anyway much less have it be received as intended.

What started as an idea before social media and smartphones existed is now a new kind of “social” app where everyone can truly “share the real you”, privately, with only their inner circle of family and friends. We didn’t know cyberbullying and trolling was going to be an issue online and luckily our app has prevention built-in. It’s called Uchi.

Uchi means “in-group” or “inner circle”, in Japanese, and our mission is to help people connect authentically with those who matter most to them.-

– Kevin Strauss, Founder & CEO

What We Believe

We believe people yearn to feel closer to others. Not to everyone but to the people who matter most to us. We long to be heard and valued because then we know we matter and that makes us happy. Happy people do good things and are less destructive to themselves and others. The closer and happier we are the better our world will be.

Our mission is to help people connect authentically with those who matter most to them.

Our vision is a world at peace because every human being truly believes they matter.