The App

Answer. Discover. Connect.

The Uchi App – Created For You

Uchi is a new kind of social app – one focused on real connection and your privacy.

We hope you’ll engage, a lot, and the more you engage with Uchi, by creating uchiTopics and uchiTribes (see below), the greater your experience and the less we’ll need to rely on advertisers, investors or other means to generate revenue. Afterall, our primary goal is to provide a service our users love, trust and value. But, as a business money is a factor.

Together let’s change the status quo in business and focus on value rather than money.

The Basics

  • Uchi ( /ü-CHē/ ) – In Japanese means “in-group” or “inner circle”. In other words, the people who matter most to you. Soto means “out-group”.
  • User Accounts – Registration is free and easy. Only your first & last name, email address and password are required. And you must verify your address to get started.
  • Profiles – There’s no need to create a profile because the intent is your uchi (i.e. your network) already knows who you are.
  • Profile Picture (optional) – Upload your photo or avatar (Note: Permission to access your photos is required.)
  • Your Uchi – Invite up to 50 people (maximum) to your network. Uchi is about quality not quantity and besides, the human brain cannot manage much more than that anyway. (Note: Permission to access your contacts is required.)
  • Friendship Levels – The more answers you read in common with a friend the stronger your connection.
  • Groups – Create as many groups as you like to help you organize your Uchi. Groups allows you to easily choose which people have access to what you share. You can select “group access” on a question-by-question basis or simply do nothing as the default is All (i.e. everyone in your network).
  • Answer and Read – Simply answer the questions you’re interested in and read the answers your uchi shares.

Guiding Rules

  • You can only read someone’s answer if you have already answered that question yourself. Answering unlocks your friend’s answer.
  • You can only read someone’s answer if they are in your Uchi.
  • Only someone (1) in your Uchi, (2) in a Group you’ve allowed and (3) who has already answered that question will be able to read your answer to that question.
  • Nothing you share is ever posted publicly, not ever. It’s simply not part of the Uchi platform. The privacy of your content and connections is paramount.

uchiTopics – Q&A is the heart of Uchi

  • A set of 10 questions – Check out some sample questions here.
  • Publicly available to all users
  • Authored by Uchi and you, our users!
  • Questions and topics can be answered in any order, at anytime and skipped
  • Search and sort uchiTopics by Author, Popularity, Activity, etc.
  • Help us make Uchi the best social app ever! Submit an uchiTopic now.
  • Future: Submitting an uchiTopics will require a fee. (Your contributions help us avoid advertisements!)

We believe our users will make Uchi even better. Ask the questions you want to answer and discuss with your uchi. Create uchiTopics that others, worldwide, will enjoy answering and sharing with their uchi.

uchiTribes – Cultivate private groups of people

Imagine you’re a manager or a mentor, a teacher, a counselor or coach, a personal trainer, the leader of a club or you just have a huge family and you’d like to engage your people and have some deeper conversations. Then, create an uchiTribe!

uchiTribe is not a polling or survey system but rather an opportunity for you to lead or join a discussion and have authentic and private conversations using the Uchi App.