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Available March 2020!

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uchiEvents engages attendees in deeper and more meaningful conversations. It dramatically improves the attendees’ experience by connecting them in small groups and facilitating pre-, during-, and post-Event conversations guided by Event Organizer’s questions.

As an Event Organizer, you’ll create uchiTribes consisting of up to 10 event attendees. Then, you’ll assign those uchiTribes and uchiTopic (up to 10 questions) specific to your event.

uchiEvents is not a polling or survey system. Rather, it’s a platform for private conversations to occur that are guided by the questions you pose.

Example uchiEvent Questions

  1. Where are you from and what organization are you with? (pre-)
  2. Why did you decide to attend this event? (pre-)
  3. What do you hope to learn or gain from this event? (pre-)
  4. How would you summarize this event to those who didn’t attend? (post-)
  5. What are your 3 greatest take-aways from the event? (post-)
  6. How will you describe this event to your boss? (post-)
  7. Which presentation surprised you the most? Why? (post-)
  8. In what ways do you agree or disagree with the keynote speaker? (post-)

uchiEvents Overview

  • As the Event Organizer you’ll create uchiTribes (groups of 10 people) from your attendee email list.
  • As the Event Organizer you’ll create an uchiTopic of up to 10 questions.
    • e.g. 1 – One post-event uchiTopic (n=1)
    • e.g. 2 – One pre-event and one post-event uchiTopic (n=2)
    • e.g. 3 – One pre-event and two post-event uchiTopics (n=3)
  • Pick the Date and Time for the uchiTribe conversation to Go Live.
  • Attendees will receive an email inviting them to “Join the uchiTribe” and “Participate in the Conversation”.
  • Then, attendees simply download the Uchi app, accept the invite and engage in the conversation by answering questions and reading their fellow uchiTribe members’ answers.
  • As each tribe member shares their perspective regarding the event and hears others’ they’ll be building rapport and connection while engaging in deeper, private conversations guided by the Event’s Organizers.
  • Note: At no time does a tribe member have access to your “regular” Uchi activity unless you’re already in your Uchi friends’ network.

Why uchiEvents?

  1. Facilitates real conversations and connections among attendees.
  2. The conversations are “guided” by the uchiTopic of questions so it can be event specific and relevant adding greater value.
  3. uchiEvents is not a survey or polling system. It’s a platform for sharing your perspective and being heard.
  4. uchiEvents is 100% private with no data mining or spamming. Not even Event Organizer’s have access to an attendee’s answers unless their part of the same uchiTribe.
  5. Writing, rather than speaking, encourages honest and more vulnerable dialogue.
  6. Deeper sharing strengthens connections, engagement, and value.
  7. Uchi leverages the written-word and asynchronous communication.
  8. Small group participation is more intimate and engaging so no one is lost in the noise of off-topic posts.


  • uchiEvents is perfect for bringing small groups of people together who may not otherwise know each other. It’s like “built-in” networking!
  • Designed to be a short duration, highly engaging, small group discussion that is “guided” because the Event Organizer’s uchiTopic(s).
  • 100% private conversation among Members (not even Uchi staff have access and content is never mined for data, keywords, or even advertisers – because there are none).
  • All of your content is available for free download via the uchiLegacy feature from your profile page.
  • It’s an opportunity for attendees to share their perspective and have deeper and more meaningful, subject-matter conversations. Why else are they attending your event?
  • uchiEvents is the premier way to engage attendees pre-, during-, or post-event.


Base price starts at $1500 for up to 100 attendees and includes one uchiTopic. Additional uchiTopics may be purchased but are not required. There are no other options or fees.

uchiEvents is really that simple and will add far more value than any “info only” or typical event “networking” app. When attendees are already bombarded with too much information, why not try engaging them in real, substantive, and subject-matter conversations with their colleagues?

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