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“I needed to write, to express myself through written language not only so that others might hear me but so that I could hear myself.” ― Gabor Maté

Why Uchi? Why Connection?

If we’re not nurturing our relationships then we’re neglecting them. The most common regret over a lifetime is not having spent more quality time with family and friends. In other words, having deep and meaningful relationships.

Relationships can be hard and there are many reasons why conversations and real sharing are difficult. Even so, we still need them. Unfortunately, when our relationships struggle it often shows up as arguments, conflict, less listening and more bad behaviors.

Uchi makes conversations and connection easy and fun. The more connected you feel the less conflict you’ll have.

Make your time online count.

REAL sharing w/
only YOUR people.

Uchi is not therapy or counseling. Our goal is to provide a platform that 1) “guides communication” by providing a database of conversation-starting questions and 2) is structured for 100% privacy so what you share is ONLY available to YOUR people.

You might consider Uchi to be like “shared journaling” but easier, more fun and interactive. The power of journaling is well established but for too long we’ve been keeping our thoughts and feelings to ourselves. When we share is when we connect.

Uchi's shared Q&A platform is based on nearly 20-years of study including multiple peer-reviewed, published research articles. It’s predecessor has been used in more than 40 countries and government agencies such as schools and juvenile courts. Now it’s time to help everyone connect!

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