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Why Uchi?

Uchi was created to be the social platform you always imagined. It’s not about the quantity in your network but rather the quality and depth of your relationships. Uchi begins a new era of social media where today’s technology is leveraged so you can truly feel closer to the people who matter most to you. We’re relying on you, our Uchi, to help build a platform that reaches its potential by connecting your Uchi online and offline. One whose foundation is rooted in privacy, authenticity and real connection.

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Uchi means “in-group”, in Japanese

Uchi-Soto is a Japanese construct which helps to define a person’s relationships as “in-group” and “out-group”. A person’s “uchi” (i.e. in-group, inner-circle) would include family and friends while their “soto” would describe acquaintances.

Uchi-Soto is also a dynamic concept, depending on the social situation. For example, if you work in the Engineering Department of Acme, Inc. they are your uchi while the Marketing Department would be your soto. However, as an Acme, Inc. employee, the entire organization is your uchi when you are engaging with your public relations contractor who represents your soto.

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