Engage your Podcast audience.

Where your listeners connect with you, your guests, and each other in private-group, guided conversations.

A Podcast’s Greatest Challenge

You can connect with your audience.

Even popular podcasts struggle to:

  • Engage and know their audience.
  • Generate targeted marketing email lists.
  • Monetize their podcast. (coming soon)

Podcasters say they do it because they love it and want to share something with an audience and that’s true. But you shouldn’t have to do it for nothing. Plus, the cost to create the content in the first place.

Podcast hosts and guests need a tool so they can connect with their audience in real, two-way conversations in order to nurture relationships so listeners become champions, clients, and customers of your podcast and brand!

Ppodcast Microphone



Uchi for Podcasts – uchiTribe

A simple activity to create real engagement, authentic connection, and a targeted “opt-in” email list.

Llisteners do want to connect with you, your guests, and each other in deeper conversations. There just hasn’t been a safe, specific, guided way that doesn’t require a long-term (e.g. Facebook Group) or real-time (e.g. Discord) commitment… until now.

By creating an uchiTribe for a specific podcast episode and holding an “opt-in” raffle to join, you’ll finally know your audience and their interests. The randomly selected few (~8 listeners) will join the small uchiTribe and engage directly in written-only conversations that are guided by the questions the host/guest ask for that episode.

ONLY members of a specific uchiTribe have access to the activity there and ONLY if they first participate. That’s right, you can only read and comment on an answer if you’ve already answered that question first. It’s Uchi’s #1 rule and it drives engagement!

uchiTribe conversations typically last 1-2 weeks and as a member, you always have access. You can even download a PDF of your answers and comments via the FREE uchiLegacy feature.



A Simple Plan


Request a FREE Uchi for Podcast – uchiTribe Trial.





Receive your uchiTribe Quick Start Guide, Sample Outro Copy & Show Notes, and Listener Raffle Registration Link.


Collect “opt-in” email addresses, engage your audience, and convert active participants into champions of your podcast and brand.



If not now, when & how?

Listeners want to engage but they need help and a tool that facilitates two-way interaction.

You’ve put the work into creating an awesome podcast with valuable content and you still don’t know who your listeners are nor do you have a way to directly follow-up with the products and services you provide. If you don’t build a genuine relationship with your listeners then you’re just an afterthought, at best.

You need a tool to help you capitalize on the precious listeners you have because only the top 10% of podcasts even get 3,400 downloads per episode. (Source)

If not for yourself, do it for your guests! It’s rare for a listener to reach out directly to a guest even when their contact information is provided. Oftentimes, they don’t know how to begin a conversation but they know they want to connect, somehow!

By creating an uchiTribe for each episode and its guest, you’re guaranteeing those active participants will be engaging and developing real relationships with your guest around subject matter that’s important to them. It’s about quality, not quantity.

The better the relationship, the more likely your audience is to buy goods and services from the guest and you because listeners support the people they know better and feel a connection.

As a podcast host, you cannot afford to ignore the few loyal listeners you have.



Engage your podcast audience.

Offer your listeners what they want next, a chance to connect with you and your guests.

Add an uchiTribe to your next podcast episode. Can you afford not to engage directly with your listeners? They want to connect with you and your guest but they need a tool and an easy way to get started.

When you buy an uchiTribe (and create your free Uchi account on the app):

  1. You’ll receive the uchiTribe Quick Start Guide.
  2. Sample Outro copy that you can record and add to an episode.
  3. Sample Show Notes with instructions for your audience.
  4. Support in creating your first uchiTribe’s set of questions.

That’s all there is to it and we’ll help you every step of the way. Your success is our success and more importantly provides even more value to your guests and audience with minimal effort.

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Uchi for Podcasts


Engage your audience directly.

      • Up to 10 uchiTribe Members
      • Up to 10 questions per topic
      • Opt-in emails provided
      • Monetization availabe

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