promise yourself to nurture your uchi


Be a part of the solution and be the difference

for a happier life and a better world.


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UCM’s Credo

All humans are created equal.

Every human has feelings and they matter.


What we each promise and do:

FIRST, I acknowledge and validate my own and other’s feelings and emotions.

SECOND, I listen to hear and understand every person, from birth to death, so they feel heard and understood.

THIRD, I do not shame, judge, degrade, or emotionally neglect another human being, ever.


When we fulfill our promises…

We each feel heard and understood which lets us know we matter and are valuable.


We strive to better ourselves and not to be “better”, or more “valuable”, than someone else.


Our focus is to strengthen our relationships, everyday, with the people closest to us; our “in-group”, our inner circle, our uchi.

Our uchi is our family, our friends, our school classes, our workplace teams. Leaders lead by example and it begins with listening so your people feel heard and valued.


The stronger our relationships and connections, the happier we are and the better our behaviors.

That’s because,

Happy people do good things.


When our uchi’s overlap, our movement grows. It’s that simple and it can spread like wildfire.



Your promise to take action will change your life and our world for the better.



Note: The Uchi app is a FREE tool that helps you strengthen your relationships. Using Uchi is not required to join the Uchi Connection Movement.