A Strategic Partnership

PREP National and Uchi

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Enhancing School-Based Substance Abuse Prevention and Mental Health Support

Our youth’s mental health & emotional well-being is more important than ever.

PREP National & Uchi are combining forces to address today’s mental health and substance abuse issues among our youth. With a unique, multi-faceted, integrated, and sustainable program, we support K-12 schools – students, faculty, families, and communities, in nurturing their collective health & well-being for greater resilience.



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PREP National

K-12 Proactive Addiction Solutions

Utilizing a “Three Pillars of Action” approach, PN delivers 1) K-12 Substance Abuse Prevention Education, 2) Professional development and community awareness, and 3) data-driven, student-centered intervention plans. All three modules complement each other and provide a deeper-dive to support the health & well-being of ALL parties.




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Social Connection App

Uchi helps teachers lead & integrate guided conversations into any curriculum. Using a simple app, everyone has a chance to share their perspective and be heard, on topics big & small. The more we know and understand each other, the more connected we feel and that makes us happy. Happy people do good things.





Together, we are stronger.


Join us in transforming substance abuse prevention, mental health, and emotional well-being through relevant curriculum & intentional connection. Let’s create a healthier, more resilient society.