1. If you are experiencing a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY! DO NOT attempt to access emergency care through the app or website!
  2. Uchi does not offer counseling in any way. Please contact your family physician or a licensed therapist or counselor if your needs demand professional care.

Uchi is a tool for improving communication, relationships and connection. We cannot answer personal, health-related questions or research questions. The information presented has been acquired from a variety of health resources and professionals; it is offered to you with the understanding that it will not be interpreted as medical or professional advice. All medical information needs to be reviewed with your health care provider.

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Copyrights and the Internet

When visiting and using an app or a website, it is easy to click and save a graphic image, to view the source code and copy part or all of the HTML coding, to copy original content or even a website idea. The general (and incorrect) notion is that anything on the Internet is public domain and may be taken without permission from the creator/owner. This notion is incorrect. If you find something of interest on Uchi please contact us and ask us if you may use it. If you do not have our written permission then you may be in violation of our copyright.

Last updated on 12Nov2020.