Why Uchi, the app? We designed Uchi as an activity to help you enjoy REAL and deeper connections with the people who matter most to you.

Why “Uchi”, the name? Uchi, in Japanese, means “in-group”. The Uchi App is all about nurturing and connecting with your in-group and inner-circle.

What’s the basic premise of Uchi? In the briefest of terms, on Uchi, you simply answer questions and read the answers shared by the people in your network. By reading each others’ answers, you’ll learn more about each other, become more familiar and increase your rapport. The more you know about someone and they know about you the closer and more connected you’ll feel.

What’s the Number One rule of Uchi? The number one rule of Uch is: You cannot read someone’s answer unless you’ve already answered that question yourself. Unlike other social platforms, on Uchi, you must contribute in order to consume.

Who can read my answers? Only the people in your Uchi can read your answers. Either you invited them or you accepted their invitation.

Why can I have only 50 people in my network? We’ve deliberately set a limit on the size of your Uchi (i.e. your network) because the reality is the human brain can only manage about 100-150 relationships. Other social platforms allow for 100s and 1000s of connections but how well do you really know those people? Are you truly connected to all of them? Uchi is about focusing on quality rather than quantity of connections.

What if I only want some people in my Uchi to see my answers? Within your Uchi you can create Groups. You can create as many groups as you like but then you’ll have to manage them. For any given question, you can choose which group(s) will have access to that answer. And, a person in your Uchi can be part of more than one group. The default is “All Friends” will have access to your answers. But, you also have the choice to not allow anyone in your Uchi to have access to an answer. If you deny “All Friends” access then it’ll almost be like your own personal journal.

Can I submit an uchiTopic? Absolutely, and we encourage it! We want the Uchi platform to be the best it can be and valuable to you. We want our Uchi (i.e. Uchi Users) to create topics of questions they want to answer and think others will too. It’s like Wikipedia, in a way, where our users drive the content and value. Submit an uchiTopic here.

What do the colored dots mean? On the main uchiTopic page, each dot represents a topic question. Grey means “no activity” by your Uchi. Pumpkin means there are “answers available” for reading. Red means “all available answers have been read” by you. Whenever a number is underlined that means “you’ve answered” the question.

I’m concerned about online bullying and trolling. How does Uchi deal with that? This problem may almost entirely go away on Uchi because nothing you share is EVER posted public. ONLY the people in your Uchi will ever have access to what you share. And, the people in your Uchi you already know and have some kind of relationship with. Still, if someone is being rude or inappropriate you always have the choice to remove them from your Uchi. Afterall, do they really deserve to be a part of your in-group?

If you’ve got a question about Uchi please let us know.