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We designed Uchi as an online, social activity to help you enjoy real and deeper connections with the people who matter most to you.
Uchi, in Japanese, means “in-group”. The Uchi App is all about nurturing and connecting with your in-group and inner-circle.
1. Flip through the tutorial slideshow. 2. Answer a few questions, of your choice. 3. Invite a few friends to your uchi.
No. You can answer in any order, skip around through uchiTopics, and skip any questions. It's all up to you, what you choose to answer or not.
Uchi does not have a "search users" feature. The only way to invite someone to your uchi is to know their email address and send them an invitation through the app.
In the briefest of terms, on Uchi, you simply answer questions and read the answers shared by the people in your uchi. By reading each others’ answers, you’ll learn more about each other, become more familiar and increase your rapport. The more you know about someone and they know about you the closer and more connected you’ll feel.
Rule #1 of Uchi is: You cannot read someone’s answer unless you’ve already answered that question yourself. Unlike other social platforms, on Uchi, you must contribute in order to consume.
Lots of things but for starters, Uchi is very private, it uses a Q&A approach to "guide" conversations, and you must contribute content (i.e. answers) in order to consume. Also, nobody's content is every publicly available. You can only read your uchi's answers.
Yes. You can always delete or edit your answer, at any time.
Only the people in your Uchi can read your answers. Either you invited them or you accepted their invitation.
We’ve deliberately set a limit on thesize of your Uchi (i.e. your network) because the reality is the human brain can onlymanage about 100-150 relationships. Other social platforms allow for 100s and 1000s of connections but how well do you really know those people? Are you truly connectedto all of them? Uchi is about focusing on quality rather than quantity of connections.
On the main uchiTopic page, each dot represents a topic question. Grey means “no activity” by your Uchi. Green means there are“ answers available” for reading. Purple means “all available answers have been read” by you. Whenever a number is underlined that means “you’ve answered” the question.
This problem may almost entirely go away on Uchi because nothing you share is EVER posted public. ONLY the people in your Uchi will ever have access to what you share. And, the people in your Uchi you already know and have some kind of relationship with. Still, if someone is being rude or inappropriate, you always have the choice to remove them from your Uchi . Afterall, do they really deserve to be a part of your in-group?
Simply click anywhere on the uchiTopic card, except not on a numbered dot, and the uchiTopic screen will open. Then, you can scroll through the questions.
No. Uchi's goal is to help you connect deeper and more authentically with the most important people in your life. It is not an app for finding and meeting new people. There are plenty of apps on the market that already do that. We believe supporting the relationships that matter most to you have the greatest positive impact on your life... and theirs.


An uchiTribe is a fee-based feature allowing any user to use Uchi as a tool for their purposes. Here, the leader creates a private uchiTopic and invites a small group of people, in- or out-of-network, to participate in the conversation.
To create an uchiTribe, simply login to the web portal using your Uchi App credentials. Then, follow the instructions there.
When you're invited to an uchiTribe, you'll receive an email invitation and notification in the app (if you've already created an account). In the app, go to your uchi, click the uchiTribe Tab, and click "thumbs up" to accept and "thumbs down" to decline the invitation.
Yes, you can add members if you have not reached your maximum. You can delete any member and in doing so their answers and comments, for that uchiTribe, will be deleted.
Unlimited. You can create and join as many uchiTribes as you want.
No. Only the members of a given uchiTribe have access to those answers there and they do not have access to any other content anywhere else on the app unless they're in your uchi or you're in another uchiTribe with that user.
All of that member's content, from that uchiTribe, is deleted.
Yes, the leader can change their uchiTribe questions. However, if members have already answered that question then their answer may not be applicable anymore. They can always delete or edit their answer.
No problem. Use the "copy tribe" feature and then create a new topic of questions to assign them.
No problem. Use the "copy topic" feature and then assign a new tribe to participate in the conversation.
You can't. The goal of Uchi is to help you more authentically connect with people you know or have something in common with. Only an uchiTribe Leader can invite people to join that tribe.

How To Tell Others About Uchi

Feel free to copy/paste the examples below in a message to the people you’d like to use Uchi with.


You matter so much to me. I know sometimes it’s hard to have time for us but I’d really like to try because our relationship means the world to me. There’s an app I heard of called Uchi and it prompts you with all kinds of fun questions to answer and discuss. Only the people you invite can read your answers. Would you be willing to try it with me for a little while?
You all matter so much to me. It’s not always easy to talk, especially with everyone’s schedules but I really miss hearing about what’s important to you in your life. In many ways, video calls and group messaging can be overwhelming and not very fruitful. I heard about this app called Uchi where we each answer questions, anytime throughout the day and on all kinds of topics, and share our answers with each other and discuss. Only we can read each others’ answers. I can even create questions specific for just our family, if you want. Want to give it a try, it’s FREE?
You mean the world to me. I know it may not always seem like it but I really love you and you matter so much to me. I want us to be close but I know it’s hard to actually talk about things sometimes. I heard about this app called Uchi where we each answer questions, on all kinds of topics, and share our answers with each other and discuss. Only people you’re connected with on the app can read your answers so it’s very private. Would you be willing to give it a try with me for a little while?
It’s not always easy for us to talk but I do want to have a closer relationship. Sometimes it’s easier to write (like this message) when we can each take our time to organize our thoughts. I know we’re on our phones a lot already but I heard about this app, called Uchi, where we can answer questions from their database and discuss all kinds of topics. I think it could be really fun and a cool way to have real conversations. It’s not a social media app so anything you share is only available to the people in your network such as just our family. Would you be willing to give it a try for a little while?
Today’s computer technology can be daunting for seniors but more and more people over the age of 65 are learning to navigate the internet and apps quite successfully. While the younger generations don’t always acknowledge it, seniors have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight that can benefit everyone. Given how busy everyone seems to be, it’s hard to find the time to sit down, in-person or on the phone, to have real conversations especially in a way that does it justice. But we all know the power of the written-word and our seniors especially know how deeply connected two people can become just from writing letters.

To that end, I wanted to share with you a FREE smartphone app called Uchi, which means “in-group”, in Japanese. Uchi provides a seemingly endless list of questions, on all kinds of fun and interesting topics, that you can answer in any order. The idea is to answer questions, perhaps a few a day, and read the answers of only the people in your uchi. This way, Uchi is very private because only the most important people in your life can read your answers and comment.

Since Uchi is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, it’s a great way to connect with people, near and far, young and old, anytime. Plus, there’s a feature called uchiLegacy where you can freely download all of your answers in a file which can be printed and treasured forever.

Would you be interested in giving Uchi a try?
We’ve got a great group of people working together but it can be really hard to feel connected especially when we’re all so busy and often working from home. Everyone on our team is important and we don’t always get a chance to appreciate each other’s unique perspectives. I heard about this app called Uchi that could be really fun especially when we need a quick break during the day. It works by answering all kinds of fun questions from the app and then sharing our answers with each other. It’s different from Slack or other chat programs. I can even set it up so only the people in our group can read each others’ answers. Would you be willing to give it a try?
I believe one of the best ways to learn is to have conversations about the topics we’re studying. It’s hard to hear everyone’s perspective in class and even harder during a group video call. Very soon, we’re going to start using a new app called Uchi where each person has an opportunity to answer questions, which I create, and then read and discuss together, on the app. You can use Uchi on your phone or Chromebook and what you share will only be available to read by me, your teacher, and your fellow classmates. Your opinion matters and with the Uchi app everyone has a chance to participate anytime it’s convenient time for you. Look for your first uchiTribe invitation, in your email, in the next few days.
As educators, the most important part of our job is to establish a real connection with each of our students and keep them engaged in their education. This has always provided unique challenges and with the Covid-19 pandemic and virtual learning it’s been even harder. Recently, I heard about an app called Uchi that makes having real conversations with students easier and gives every student an opportunity to participate. Kids definitely have something to say but it’s hard to speak up in a group and “on the spot”. But the more they participate and can engage with each other and with their teacher, the more they feel part of the class. This nurtures their emotional health and has incredibly positive effects on their overall success.

What’s especially great about Uchi is how safe and private it is because the teacher “guides” the conversations. Plus, since students are encouraged to use their phones, a medium they’re intimately familiar with, they’re more likely to stay engaged.

I know the Uchi app is already being used in Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) in Maryland. Kids thrive when they feel like they’re heard and have a sense of belonging. I think the Uchi app could be a great tool that kids will actually engage with maybe even beyond our expectations.

Is this a resource we can give a try for a few months?

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