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Every student needs to feel heard. No matter their age or the subject, as a student absorbs information their mind begins to process, organize, and make sense of it all. Naturally, questions, associations, and ideas begin to form and inspire discussion. The more dialogue we have the greater the opportunity for learning. Uchi helps make conversations and learning easier…and more fun.

The Socratic Method

A form of cooperative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking.

Online now with uchiEdu.

Socrates (470-399 BC)

The Socratic Method may sound formal -and even intimidating- but imagine an EdTech platform students can use to engage in real, subject-matter conversations that teachers lead, participate in, and monitor. Now, learning via dialogue can happen anywhere, at any time, with ease.

uchiEducation, or uchiEdu, is a Q&A platform for sharing your perspective and hearing others’. Conversations are “guided” by the topic of questions the teacher asks. This kind of interactive discussion is now available using the Uchi app. It’s easy, fun, and not dependent on the class being in the same place, at the same time, including online.

Uchi uses the power of the written word for communicating thoughts and ideas. Your students’ words matter. The more they practice the better they will become at expressing themselves. This platform also serves as an EdTech Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) tool that helps students learn curriculum while strengthening peer-to-peer relationships.

uchiEdu is where every student’s voice is heard.

Why uchiEducation?

  • It’s “Guided” Communication – A teacher creates the question sets to lead discussions.
  • It’s Safe – A teacher participates and monitors all conversations.
  • It’s Private – A teacher invites student members via email. Only Tribe Members have access to each other’s answers and comments on a per tribe basis.
  • It’s Secure – User content is never accessible, reviewed, mined, or sold to anyone. Never.
  • It’s ReciprocalRule #1 – You must answer a question in order to see others’ answers.
  • It’s Unique – No other platform provides a safe, private environment where conversations are led and managed by a leader and requires members to participate in order to consume.
  • It’s Easily Adoptable – When teachers embrace a resource the students follow.
  • It’s User-Friendly – Simply download the app on any smartphone or tablet, register, accept your teacher’s uchiTribe invitation, and begin answering questions.

uchiTribe Screenshots

Tribe Invitation
Tribe Topics
Topic Questions 1-10
Question 1 – Answers


We have a flexible pricing model based on the number of educators at your school. For more information contact us.


Imagine a place where students can openly engage in relevant conversations alongside an adult guide: their teacher. A platform where students can share their thoughts and ideas with their peers, without fear of judgement or bullying. When students are safe to express who they are and what they think, when they can share their voice and be heard, their learning potential is incredible! uchiEducation does that.

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Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Students, like all people, need to feel a sense of connection and belonging. They do this through conversations and experiences and by having an opportunity to share their perspective and being heard by their peers and teachers. It can be hard, at first, but with guidance and practice, in a controlled and safe environment, the effects are powerful! Through the gradual and consistent building of connections and relationships, over time, a student develops Socially and Emotionally (SEL).

Uchi was specifically designed to make conversations easier. uchiEducation is an EdTech activity that facilitates real connection. Using a proprietary platform, teachers “guide” and participate in every classroom conversation using the uchiTopics (sets of 10 questions) they create. Whether subject-matter or “life” focused, every person’s voice is heard.

Uchi is not a Learning Management System (LMS) but complements them all. While some LMS have a “chat” feature it’s typically an afterthought, not “guided” nor based on reciprocity of sharing. At Uchi, facilitating real conversations is our primary focus. Students and teachers can create an account and get started in minutes. The web-portal, for teachers, is incredibly simple (our users say). Teachers simply enter their uchiTopic and a set of student email addresses and hit GO!

In this time of uncertainty and virtual learning students need the safety and security of feeling connected and like they belong. With uchiEducation’s built-in SEL focus, we aim to help support subject-matter learning and personal growth by strengthening social and emotional relationships.

Safe, private, fun, and tangible, Uchi is today’s EdTech rooted in 20 years of experience.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Every student and educator has a voice. It’s time we each had a chance to share it AND be heard.

No matter your age, grade, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or any other categorization, your perspective is unique and valuable. There are many reasons why a person may not express their thoughts or feelings but the fact remains that if we don’t know yours then the opportunity for learning and growing decreases.

Which arc is more interesting and exciting?

If we only know one perspective, one voice, then our opportunity for learning and growth is limited. The more diverse our input the more colorful our output.

If your school is seeking creativity, innovative problem solving, emotional support, a constructive culture, grit and resilience, then INCLUDING a DIVERSE population, in any group activity, including staff meetings, will benefit all… as long as everyone is open and willing to LISTEN to each other.

Uchi is a platform where each person can share their perspective AND be heard. That’s because the two overarching principles are:

  1. Conversations are “guided” by the questions a Leader (e.g. teacher, administrator, student project leader, etc.) asks.
  2. A member must first answer a question before he/she can read another uchiTribe member’s answer. In other words, you MUST contribute in order to consume.

Diversity and Inclusion is built-in to the Uchi app. All you need to do is invite a “rainbow” of members to your next uchiTribe and engage in conversations that are now easier than ever!

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