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uchiTribe is your tool for connecting, in small, private groups, by engaging members in deeper, more substantive conversations.



Who creates uchiTribes?

The question is, Who doesn’t? 





tEAMS, cLUBS,  gROUPS, Boards,  ETC.




Group Specific Conversations

How It Works

Anyone can be a leader. As a leader, you know the better your group is getting along the more successful everyone is.

Launching an uchiTribe conversation is easy:

  1. Create a unique uchiTopic of up to 10 questions.
  2. Create a tribe of up to 10 members.
  3. Put the two together and start the conversation!

Uchi users can lead or join unlimited  uchiTribes and each tribe is completely independent so there’s no overlapping access. Privacy is Uchi’s hallmark.

Only the leader pays to create an uchiTribe and you can invite members from in- or out- of your uchi network. For members, it’s “invitation-only” and their choice to accept or not.

The conversations you lead are limited only by your imagination for asking questions!

Lead an uchiTribe today!

uchiTribe - Professor leads group

uchiTribe - Group discussion

Why It Matters

What does it mean to you to feel truly heard and understood by those closest to you? When you’re invited to join an uchiTribe your leader is saying “your perspective matters” and “you belong to this uchi”.

All tribe members:

  • Get FREE access when they accept their uchiTribe invitation.
  • Answer the same questions.
  • Can read other members’ answers from that tribe and comment.
  • Can download for FREE all of their own content.
  • Can join unlimited uchiTribes.

Joining an uchiTribe is accepting into a conversation guided by your leader –  someone you know. Tribe members ONLY have access to your content in THAT uchiTribe and, of course, only if they’ve answered that same question.

uchiTribes are “guided”, specific, private, and the conversations tend to last about 1-2 weeks.

Join to be heard and hear others.

A Coach’s Testimonial

Coach Sarah B Rawz

“As part of my coaching business, I invite growth-minded people to join together in a free community called The Bigger Badder Crew. Toward the end of 2020, with the election tension peaking, I decided to use the Uchi App and offer an uchiTribe to the Crew as a space to connect with one another and explore together who they most want to be when stress is high. Over the course of about two weeks, I invited and led eight participants to introduce themselves, discuss their guiding values, brainstorm how to enact them, and generally provide mutual support which they described as calming, grounding, and helpful. That is what asynchronous communication allowed – time for reflection, sharing, and flexibility of each person’s schedule. Ultimately, the uchiTribe allowed me to provide a ton of value to this crew in a way that fit into small, 10-15-minute blocks here and there in my day and at a financial investment the size of one fancy latte.  I appreciate the way Uchi is a simple and different tool to help me engage my crew in deep and meaningful conversations.”

Sarah B. Rawz, Biz & Empowerment Coach

Have you been invited to an uchiTribe?

Follow this step-by-step video walking you through registering on the Uchi App and joining the tribe you’ve been invited to. And remember, your uchiTribe activity is ONLY available to other members of that specific tribe and tribe members DO NOT have access to your regular Uchi activity unless they’re in your uchi.

As always, if you need any help, please contact us.




An easy, inexpensive way to try uchiTribes.

  • One uchiTribe conversation
  • Up to 10 members, w/ leader
  • Up to 10 questions per topic
  • Invite in- or out-of-network
  • Start now or schedule for later
  • Non-transferable

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Save 15% when you buy in bulk.

    • Same features as Single
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    • Expires: 12-months

PayPal - The safer, easier way to purchase Uchi online!PayPal - Pay for Uchi the way you want.

uchiTribe Unlimited


A powerful plan to boost connection!

      • Same features as Booklet
      • Unlimited uchiTribes
      • Monthly subscription
      • Cancel anytime

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