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uchiTribe allows users to create private groups of people around private uchiTopics.

An uchiTribe is a group of up to 10 people who may or may not know each other but have been brought together by a common tribe leader.

The leader also creates a private uchiTopic of up to 10 questions for the tribe to answer and discuss.

uchiTribe Overview

  • Tribe Leader creates a private uchiTopic of up to 10 questions.
  • Tribe Leader invites up to 10 uchiTribe Members, in- or out-of-network.
  • Members accepting the invitation are instantly “friended” within the uchiTribe but do not have access to any other Members’ content.
  • Then, Members simply answer questions and discuss their answers within the tribe.

Why uchiTribe?

  1. Facilitates real conversations and connections among members of each private uchiTribe.
  2. uchiTribe is not a project management, survey or polling tool. It’s a platform for sharing your perspective and being heard.
  3. Writing, rather than speaking, encourages honest and more vulnerable dialogue.
  4. Deeper sharing strengthens connections and increases happiness.
  5. Conversations Made Easy – Leverages the written-word and asynchronous communication.
  6. Small group participation is more intimate and engaging so no one is lost in the noise of off-topic posts.


  • uchiTribe is perfect for bringing small groups of people together who may not otherwise know each other and/or have a common interest or friend in common (e.g. Tribe Leader).
  • Designed to be a short duration, highly engaging, small group discussion that is “guided” because the Leader prompts the Members with questions.
  • 100% private conversation among Members (not even Uchi staff have access and content is never mined for data, keywords, or even advertisers – because there are none).
  • All of your uchiTribe content is available for free download via the uchiLegacy feature from your profile page.
  • Lead or join as many uchiTribes as you want!

How To Join An uchiTribe – New Users


uchiTribe - $10 Single
uchiTribe - $85 per Book of 10
uchiTribe - $125 per month for 25

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