Share the depth of your expertise 10x further!

Medical mentoring has been a tradition for centuries. A doctor mentors new doctors.
Doctors have been mentoring medical students for centuries.

Whether you’re a Mentor or a Mentee, you will benefit from the experience. Mentoring programs exist in nearly every industry, including academia, and not only pass along valuable knowledge and experience but also provide professional and social [emotional] support by way of relationship building (source).

Mentorship, while incredibly valuable, also requires considerable effort and time. There is a limited amount of progress a pair can achieve when meeting only a few times per month.

uchiMentoring aims to increase connection and expand the sharing of knowledge and experience while simultaneously reducing the effort and real-time requirements.

In other words, the Uchi app supports stronger and deeper relationships while making it more convenient and possible to expand beyond the traditional 1:1 framework.

Mentoring 1:10

Uchi Mentoring - Teach a person to fish and they eat for life.
Teach a person to fish and they eat for life.

Any person, with any knowledge, tends to love passing it along. It feels good! For the person receiving, they have an opportunity to engage with and learn from an expert, directly. It’s truly a win-win scenario!

Now, imagine this…

  • As a Mentor, helping more people, at the same time, with only a tiny bit more effort.
  • As one of many Mentees, engaging not only with your Mentor but also a group of fellow Mentees, in a similar place in life as you, with whom you can each learn from and engage with.

Setting Up Mentoring

uchiMentoring takes advantage of Uchi’s Q&A platform for making conversations easier and its inherent privacy. ONLY the members of a mentoring group have access to each other’s answers and comments. Let’s get started…

  1. As the Mentor, purchase an uchiTribe so you can setup your private “mentoring” questions for your group of Mentees.
  2. Login to the Uchi web-portal (see uchiTribe Quick Start Guide).
  3. Tribes Tab – Add up to 10 Mentees, using their email address, and include yourself. (Be sure to use their Uchi account email, if they’re registered.)
  4. Topics Tab – Add up to 10 questions which each Mentee will answer and discuss with everyone in the tribe.
  5. Schedule to “Start the Conversation” now or at a future date/time.
    • When started, an email will automatically be sent to each Mentee and it will include the Mentor’s name and email address.

Upon receipt, Mentees create or login to their Uchi account, on the FREE iOS or Android app, and “accept” the invitation. Then, start answering questions! It’s so easy even 7-year-olds have done it!

Welcome to a new era of mentoring!

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Note: Uchi is 100% ad-free and investor-free but we still need your support. For this reason, uchiMentoring is a fee-based program paid for only by the group leader.