“You just have to care. No matter what you do, whatever organization you’re in, you need to care about the people whose lives you touch. And then, secondly, the only way you can actualize caring is to have the ability to empathetically listen. Learn to listen.”

Bob Chapman
Chairman and CEO of Barry-Wehmiller
Author: Everybody Matters

The best workplaces know and care for each other.

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The reality is, we don’t tend to care about people we do not know.

“I care more about my mother than I do some
person having breakfast at a diner in Akron, Ohio.”

If we don’t listen to another person’s viewpoint or perspective then we won’t know them.

An employee learns what a boss wants and expects, over time.

How often does a boss really know what an employee wants or needs?

Team building isn’t about successfully navigating a ropes course, sharing your deep & dark secrets during a weekend retreat, or socializing at a bowling alley happy hour. Team building is about real relationships and getting to know each other, as people… and that can only be done over time.

Relationships are not built in an afternoon, day, or even a weekend. And relationships must be attended to regularly, bit-by-bit, over time, because just like fitness, it will degrade if not nurtured.

Uchi makes
conversations easier.

Using the Uchi App, small groups of people (i.e. uchiTribes) have a chance to share their answers and be heard, on a variety of questions. It’s not a survey system, poll, or questionnaire. Rather, it’s an opportunity to share your stories, experiences, and perspectives so your teammates can understand you better, as a person. Of course, the questions are only conversation starters so tribe members are encouraged to comment and ask follow-up questions in order to continue the dialogue and strengthen the connection.

Uchi has two key rules:

  1. You can only read answers of fellow uchiTribe members.
  2. You can only read someone’s answer if you’ve already answered that question. (i.e. You must contribute in order to consume.)

Uchi is an asynchronous activity that takes just a few minutes, every day or so, from anywhere in the world. uchiPro conversations typically last about 1-2 weeks and then naturally come to an end. When the time is right, perhaps the next month, a new uchiPro tribe can be created in order to continue the conversations and nurture the relationships.

The best teams are the ones where people know and understand each other. Even if two people don’t want to be “best friends”, and they don’t need to be, at least they can recognize, understand, and respect each other.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

The best workplaces know and understand each other.
Let’s come together as a real team.

The more diverse a group is the greater the opportunity for alternative and innovative solutions. If we only ever view a project or problem from one perspective then there is a far greater chance the solution will not be optimal.

Even so, having a diverse group is useless if everyone’s voice and perspective is not included. Every person in a group matters and has value and each person needs an opportunity to share their voice and be heard.

Uchi, by its nature, is designed for inclusion. It’s the responsibility of an uchiPro Leader to invite a diverse group to join in an uchiTribe conversation.

The key is to craft a set of questions (i.e. an uchiTopic) that “guide” the conversations and “draws out” each group member’s unique perspective. Then, encourage further discussion with comments and follow-up questions.

It's hard to have real connection during group calls.
Is this real connection?
We can do better.

Unlike group meetings, chats, Slack channels, or video calls, where a few people tend to dominate and others are just bystanders, Uchi ensures everyone has a chance to share and be heard. Plus, everyone can take their time to write and read, at their pace, because the activity is designed to be asynchronous. Now, you can slow down, think about what you want to say, and even edit it later. Also, you can read and re-read what others have shared in order to fully process it.

Everything on the Uchi platform is private and only available to fellow members of your uchi or tribe. Leaders can monitor the dialogue and ensure no bullying or other inappropriate behaviors occurs. At Uchi, we believe a key reason why racism continues is because we just don’t know each other, as people.

There are NO “second class” humans.
We ALL have value.

The more we learn and understand each other the more likely we will care.

The more we care, the stronger our relationships.

The stronger our relationships, the better our behaviors.

The better our behaviors, the better our world.

Only together can we put an end to racism, sexism, agism, gaycism, and every other -ism.

Together we stand. Divided we fall.

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